Syria Prenatal Baby Shooting


The silent cries… So this is the image doing the media-rounds: that of an unborn baby shot dead in the womb of a pregnant woman in Syria by one of Assad’s thugs.

The object lodged in the baby’s skull is a bullet. I heard the news panel on Sky TV say that the studio fell silent for about ten minutes because they were all so shocked by the story. Another columnist wrote ‘let the cries of the unborn babies (in Syria) reach Westminster’. Yes! It is horrific, shocking and an outrage against humanity. But I have come to realise that moral outrage in the God-forsaken West is highly selective. Another celebrity, Brian May, the guitarist of the rock-group, Queen, also proclaimed this, “It should be a given that any creature or person that is defenceless should be treated decently.” He was talking about badgers. I wonder if the images of the two hundred thousand aborted babies, whose heads are crushed and necks snapped by the forceps of the doctors and nurses on the wards of the NHS and in the government funded abortion clinics every year, splashed across the media would be enough to silence the infantile clamouring in the chambers of power for more than 10 minutes? Long enough for them to hear THEIR cries? Of course, they wouldn’t do that as it would be deemed torture and abusive towards women and their sacred right-to-choose. So, Yes! Let the cries of the unborn reach Westminster… but let them be of the babies in London, in Manchester, in Birmingham. Let them be the silent cries of the unborn, unwanted babies in every city, town and village on this island.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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