Don’t want skin cancer? Stay indoors.

Don’t want to get in a car accident? Don’t drive.

Don’t want rabies? Stay away from animals. Forever.

Don’t want food poisoning? Better stop eating.

Don’t want arguments? Then stop talking.

Sex isn’t only for procreation. Stop shaming people who enjoy it on a recreational, therapeutic, and/or purely social level.  In fact, just stop shaming people who enjoy sex.

It’s an intimate social interaction as much as a tool for procreation.

Be a little creative; it doesn’t take MacGyver to realize sex has multiple uses.


I agree, sex can be used for a variety of great reasons. Human intimacy is the greatest gift evolution has provided us. A gift that most other life forms that share our planet don’t get to experience. They use sex strictly for reproduction and that seems like such a waste of such an amazing process.

But the reality of sex cannot be lightly dismissed. Just because we are more highly evolved and are able to enjoy sex outside of reproduction does not mean that we should be able to kill other members of our species. Sex feels great, creates intimate relationships, and is one of our strongest drives. But its underlying purpose has never changed — to make more of ourselves.

Please keep this at the forefront of your mind while engaging in vaginal intercourse. Whether you fail to use protection or your protection fails, either way a new human life has entered our world and we are responsible for nurturing and protecting this newest addition to our human family. Killing them is NOT a morally acceptable option, regardless of what our flawed and unjust laws state.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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