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How do you plan to end gendercide, other than by making people who don’t want daughters turn to infanticide and abandonment?


I plan to end gendercide, and abortion in general, by changing YOUR mind about the value of human life. By convincing you that when people believe it’s socially acceptable to kill the most vulnerable members of our human family, there is really no end to the cruelty we will continue to inflict on one another. Without a strong foundation built upon the beauty and dignity of life, we will forever be trapped in our current world swirling with death and depravity.

And once you are convinced that there is a better way, that we are better than human abortion, you will work to convince others. In this way, killing a living human being by ripping them from their mother’s womb will not only become illegal, it will become unthinkable. And if this is unthinkable, then killing a little girl, born or not, just because she is a female, will also become unthinkable.

Our culture has shifted several times throughout history. Not too long ago, many believed some human beings could be enslaved for the benefit of others. We have overcome this culture. We, too, can overcome our current culture of death built upon selfishness and fear and replace it with a culture of life built upon selflessness and sacrifice for others.

But it begins with YOU. Will you continue to hold on to abortion or will you work to build a world free of this human atrocity?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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