Will give all unwanted babies to you then because adoption agencies are already packed. The environments they’re being born into are dangerous & can’t afford to give them their adequate needs. Giving birth killed a few women. Pregnancy costs were enormous. So look out for baskets on your doorstep. Have fun with millions of babies. Note: 85% of abortions are done within 3 months of conception & the bunch of cells look nothing like those scientifically inaccurate pictures you “pro-lifers” post.


I wanted to correct your terminology.  Adoption agencies are not places overflowing with babies; they are businesses that are licensed by the state to perform adoption-related functions.

The way you used “adoption agencies” in your sentence was more akin to “orphanage,” but even then, over the past few decades, orphanages in the U.S. have been largely replaced with residential treatment centers (RTC) or foster care.

Another misconception you have is that there are millions of unwanted babies.  Actually, the opposite is true. There are many adoptive parents on lists waiting for babies to become available. Foster care children usually are in grade school or are teenagers and frequently have been the victims of abuse or neglect. It is not hard to find someone to adopt a baby.  It is harder to find people to adopt an older child who suffers behavioral and psychological problems due to severe neglect or abuse. Unfortunately, many children in foster care are not even legally adoptable because the parents, although shitty and probably incarcerated, still maintain parental rights until they either give up these rights or the court terminates them.

You are correct that many babies are born into broken homes that do not fulfill their needs adequately. Many children in our nation suffer abuse and neglect, and this is a terrible tragedy. Abortion is also a terrible tragedy. Abortion can not be a moral solution to end child abuse. Our nation needs to value our precious children instead of treating them as inconveniences. Only when this attitude towards our children changes will we ever see a stop to the violence perpetuated upon them, whether through abortion or through child abuse.

Those pictures are not scientifically inaccurate! You have been misinformed. This is what a baby looks like 10 weeks after conception:

Hardly a “bunch of cells.” 🙂

Here’s an ultrasound image of a baby growing in the womb only 8 weeks after conception. This image comes from the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine ( :

Here’s a 3-D ultrasound of the same baby, same source:

Do you see the head? The arms? The legs? Even the umbilical cord is seen going from the baby’s abdomen to the placenta. Does this really look like a bunch of insignificant cells to you?

Here’s a week later. 9 weeks after conception in 3-D ultrasound:

These innocent babies do not deserve death.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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