Abortion Regret and Lost Love


Thank you for this blog. I had my abortion about 2 months ago. Everyday is hard for me because my dream was always to have a baby with someone i’m in love with. And my wish came true. But I couldn’t keep it. I’m barely 17, I don’t have a job, I still struggle in school. What I did was the most heart wrenching thing in the world. Not only did I lose my baby, I also lost the man I love shortly after. This blog makes me feel less alone. Thank you for that. I’m sobbing right now but thank you.


I am so sorry that you are in a lot of pain right now, I can really tell how hard this is on you.

Many women have dreams of being mothers, from the time most of us are little we are dressing up baby dolls, perhaps watching over younger siblings or cousins.

I’m sorry the dream you had wasn’t able to match up with reality this time, but it will one day. Hold onto that truth.

I’m glad this blog makes you feel better, it’s always okay to cry, and message me here if you need to. Take care of yourself, give yourself a big hug from me ❤ -Kate


This is an example of how bad our lack of values and respect for human life has become. Even though this mother wanted to keep her now dead son or daughter, she decided it just wasn’t a ‘good time’ to continue sustaining his or her life. I wonder how many people around her pushed her to feel this way?

Not only has she killed the greatest love she would have ever known, she also scarred her conscience and will carry the guilt of her inhuman act with her for the remainder of her life.

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