Why do pro-choice advocates suddenly become pro-life at the 24th week of gestation? Why is bodily autonomy suddenly dismissed at the six month mark? Why does the right to life now become something worth fighting for?

How many pro-choice advocates would escort a mother at her eighth month of pregnancy into the arms of a late-term abortionist? Why not? What magically happened to make that child something worth protecting. After all, no hospital is going to intentionally deliver a child prematurely just because the mother wants to do it and no insurance company is going to cover the exorbitant costs of doing something this dangerous and reckless. So what pro-choice means to say is that bodily autonomy only matters through the sixth month, then the mother must complete her pregnancy, even if against her will.

Unless you’re willing to see a mother kill her child just moments before birth, don’t ever use bodily autonomy as an argument for butchering prenatal children.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. As has been seen in the duration of this last decade since this post, people have indeed been up to the challenge. E.g. Empire State Building was lit pink in order to celebrate the legal right to murder children in the third trimester of life in New York. In addition to this, an insidious new trend is rising; parents are increasingly coming out ‘confessing’ they regret having had children altogether. It is claimed that this ‘maternal regret’ is a taboo and has always existed in relatively large scale, but now measures are being taken to destigmatize resentful parenthood. Note: more often than not these people have wanted their children, but only later turned against the reality of having them. As you note in the post, it doesn’t make sense to be pro abortion at one point of pregnancy but not past that. The solution is to indeed be for it at every stage. And because there is no sensible difference in the situation (i.e. the humanity of the child) a moment before and right after birth, why would there be later? In a word, abortion fuels a development of an attitude that increasingly dehumanizes children.


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