I’m prolife, and for fuck sake you are shaming us all. I will never claim a woman’s body does not belong to her. I want abortion rates to be lowered, but I honestly think that putting women in situations where they feel as if death and suicide is the answer, it is better to let ONE die. Shaming scared women is not the solution. Also, overpopulation is a REAL problem, I, unlike you, do not deny that.


I, UNLIKE YOU, AM PRO-LIFE. Really pro-life. You are clearly pro-choice. I don’t just want to reduce abortion, I want to abolish abortion.

I won’t feel better just because a prenatal child is killed every 30 seconds instead of today’s rate of every two seconds.

I won’t feel better because only 50,000 prenatal children are killed every day instead of today’s rate of 120,000.

I won’t feel better because only an extra few hundred girls are selected for death each day because of their sex instead of a few thousand.

I will only feel better when no child has to face the savage act of human abortion. I will only feel better when every innocent human being possesses the right to live among us as equals.

In a world based on the value and dignity of human life, pregnant mothers will not feel that death is better than life. Those around them will embrace the beauty of life and hold them up as an inspiration and someone to be honored and cherished. Isn’t this better than today’s culture that believes killing is an acceptable means to an end? That a mother’s self interest overrides the very life of her child?

And whether or not the world is overpopulated does not mean we should solve the problem by killing living human beings. If overpopulation was actually an issue, we should solve it by avoiding reproduction in the first place, not by killing our prenatal children, no matter how good the intentions of their executioners are.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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