If one of your children got pregnant but the pregnancy was very hazardous to her health — potentially fatal or otherwise — would you allow her an abortion, or would you insist that she keep it as long as possible and only allow an abortion if it was immediately needed to save her life?


I would absolutely insist that she place the life of her child before her own life. Isn’t that the defining characteristic of motherhood? Remember, a prenatal child is no different than a neonatal child. Really. There is NO DIFFERENCE. What you are asking in reference to a hazardous pregnancy is the same as asking about a hazardous situation involving her infant. In other words, you might as well ask “what if one of your children had to drop their infant down a rocky mountainside to avoid falling themselves?”. In this case, I would expect them to toss their child to safety before falling to their death. That’s how a mother and father should always act — in the best interest of their child. They should always be willing to sacrifice their life for their child’s safety. That is what defines a parent. Not abortion.

Saving a mother’s life due to an immediate threat to her life that results in the unfortunate and unintended death of her child is not an elective abortion. Elective abortion is the INTENTIONAL killing of a prenatal child.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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