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If you would force your child to go through with a pregnancy against her will you’d be just as bad as the rapist who caused her to get pregnant in the first place. That is fact and don’t you dare try to deny it, you’d be violating her bodily autonomy and would be forcing her into something without her consent. That is disgusting. You honestly can’t say that you love her if you allow her no choice, you only love the fetus not her. I will forever feel sorry for your children.


‘Bodily autonomy’ does not trump the right to live. I use quotes around bodily autonomy because there are already laws that override this concept. It’s illegal to ingest cocaine or methamphetamines which only affects YOUR body. So why is this illegal? It doesn’t even result in the death of another living human being like abortion does. Even abortion is illegal in many states and countries after the 20th week of gestation? Why? Even most abortion advocates become pro-life after the 24th week. WHY? Doesn’t this violate your precious ‘bodily autonomy’?

I love ALL of my family, to include the fetus you refer to. You and others use the scientific term ‘fetus’ to refer to a prenatal child as a way to assuage your guilt while advocating for their slaughter. I know that the fetus you refer to would be my own living grandson or granddaughter. And there is NO WAY that I would allow him or her to be killed by a sadistic abortionist. There is NO WAY I would allow him or her to die at the hands of my own family because that child would be a member of my family.

So yes, I would love my daughter’s ‘fetus’. Where you are wrong is that I would not love her baby more than I love her. I would love them equally. I would love my prenatal grandson or granddaughter just as much as I love my own daughter.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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