No other born human gets rights to my body without my continuous consent. Even if I’m dead. So why does the fetus get far more right than any born person, and why does a pregnant woman automatically lose her worth, and gets less right to her body than a corpse? Murder (the killing of a person) is illegal. Denying someone access to your body is not. Abortion is the removal and killing of a fetus, and fetuses aren’t legally recognized as people. Please learn to differentiate.


That is the very point of the pro-life movement. We know that prenatal children are not recognized as people. That is what we are fighting for. To usher in the day when human rights begin when humans begin, not at birth.

And your argument that the dead have more rights than a pregnant mother under a culture of life is false. The dead do not have living human beings inside their bodies. Pregnant women do. It requires the most depraved act of selfishness imaginable to abort your own son or daughter. Nothing is more selfish than swallowing pills to poison your child or spreading your legs to allow an abortionist full access to your precious child so that they can push deadly instruments into your womb for the sole purpose of tearing your child to pieces. What kind of mother would allow this to happen? What kind of parent does it take to pay money for this ‘service’?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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