Imagine what a 10-12 year old may think of what is happening to them. Most of the time you think you actually did something wrong or that the rape is your fault. Would you give the child up for adoption or raise it as your own forcing the rape victim to be raised with the product of the violent act?


I’m assuming you are asking if my 10-12 year old daughter was raped, would I want her to give birth and either raise her child or place them for adoption. I would encourage her to raise her child with my full support, but I would also support the choice of adoption. Under no circumstances would killing my grandson or granddaughter be an option.

Remember, females evolved to have children at a very young age. As soon as they are able to menstruate, they are ready to have children, especially given our modern technology. Before we became ‘civilized’ and lived as hunters and gatherers, females were routinely having children as soon as they were biologically able to do so.

I will be attacked for these comments as I always am for telling the absolute truth. Pretending this was not a reality is simple delusion. I love my daughter enough to make sure she never has to live with the guilt of having killed her own child. I would love her child no matter how he or she was conceived. The manner of conception does not determine the value of the human being conceived and the age of their mother does not change the immorality of killing them.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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