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What do you think of feminism as a whole?


I believe women are fully equal to men and have every right to every opportunity that a man has, including serving in direct fire combat and serving at any and every level of government. Women represent one-half of our human resources, one-half of our potential. They bring new ideas and new solutions to the many difficult problems we face every day. They are invaluable members of our society. Places like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia who oppress their women are forever at a disadvantage to those societies who fully harness the potential of ALL of their people.

Feminists go astray with their demand to kill our unborn children. In their rabid belief that they should be ‘equal’ to men, they forget their evolutionary responsibility to gestate living human beings. Because a man does not have this responsibility, they do not want it either. So they kill. This is wrong and does not create equality. In fact, their ability to create and build new human beings makes them infinity more valuable than men. They should embrace this INCREDIBLE capability, but instead they shun it. They degrade themselves by embracing the depraved act of abortion. Imagine if they showed the world how STRONG they are and rejected the idea of abortion. Rejected any male who told them they should abort because he doesn’t want the responsibility of a child. Imagine if feminism embraced LIFE and told the world they are better than abortion, they are better than crawling to an abortionist to end their child’s life.

Showing the world that a woman can love, protect, gestate, and birth ANY child, no matter the manner of conception, is true feminism. It is the very essence of being FEMALE.

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