There seems to be a misunderstanding about who the uterus belongs to. There is no other organ like a uterus, regardless of whether you are a male or female. The uterus is unique in the fact that it is a home designed for another separate human being from the one it resides in. This very special organ is not intended for the use of the person carrying it, it only benefits someone other than that person. It is intended to harbor a newly created and developing human being. That’s it. That’s its purpose. Period.

Any woman that claims that the uterus belongs to her is mistaken. It belongs to the human being living within it. Removing a woman’s uterus has no negative effect on her life support functions, proving that this organ is not intended for her benefit. Removing her heart or lungs would certainly have a negative effect, but not her uterus. Why? Because it doesn’t exist to sustain her life, it exists to sustain someone else’s life.

This is why allowing an abortionist to use dangerous instruments to poison, scrape, vacuum, or rip human beings residing in their uterus, their home, is wrong. The person living inside of the uterus has every right to be there. It’s why there is a uterus. It evolved purely for the use of another person.

It’s simple biology. It’s simple logic. It’s common sense. If you deny another human being the use of their uterus by killing them, you have committed a crime against humanity. You once called a uterus home for nine months. That uterus was your home and you had every right to live there.

This is not to say that a woman cannot do what she wants with this organ while it does not house another human being. If she desires or needs a hysterectomy, then she has every right to proceed. If she desires to block its use through non-abortifacient birth control or sterilization, she has every right to do so. Once this organ is occupied, she must now respect the life of the human being that is now living and growing within it. Following birth, she may once again opt to remove or prevent the use of this organ. Simple.

This will anger and confuse many. But it’s the truth and someone must speak it.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Happy to be kid free May 9, 2021 at 7:26 pm

    That is where you are in the wrong. If it’s not wanted it isn’t what I want it has no right to be there. It will be evicted. Only a man would make that comment because it isn’t your body. Nine months is tooo long for housing a unwanted mistake. I really think a guy wouldn’t have that same attitude if it was them single stuck with a kid they never wanted. No a man can walk away and leave me with the package? Oh Hell No.


  2. Be it as it may, an unborn child’s body and the very life definitely belongs to that child and her/him alone. Her/his right to life simply overrides the mother’s right not to be pregnant (a right that also absolutely obtains) once the pregnancy has already begun. Right to life is the prerequisite of all other rights, bodily autonomy and reproductive rights included.


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