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Why do you claim to respect women, but don’t think they deserve the dignity of calling an organ that has resided within them since their creation THEIR organ? I mean saying you don’t care about women is bad PR but at least own up to it and don’t beat around the bush.


The last thing I have ever been accused of is ‘beating around the bush’. I tell it like it is, much to the angst of many, both on the pro-choice and pro-life side of the abortion debate.

I believe the post I referenced above explains my position well. Although you are correct about the uterus existing within your body since before you were born, you must remember that the only reason it’s there is to serve as a home for another human being while they develop. The uterus is the primary organ that facilitates the circle of life. Without it, our species would die.

You can continue to falsely claim that I don’t care about women, but that doesn’t make it true. I’m amazed and fascinated by their incredible ability to not only meet and exceed the challenges of life that men have to face, but to also create new human life while simultaneously meeting those challenges. How amazing is that?

If women would focus on this incredible ability instead of believing they need to kill their own children to reach equality, we would all be better off. Abortion doesn’t make women equal to men, it makes them feel like they are forced to kill in order to believe they are equal to men.

In fact, women are more important than men. The cold hard truth is that women are more important to our species than men. One man can impregnate thousands of women, but no man can create and birth even a single new human being. Let this reality settle in and you will realize that the feminist movement has it all wrong. If they adopted a platform of life instead of a platform founded on abortion, they would forever own the moral high ground and would be able to highlight the incredibly special capability that sets women apart — the ability to literally build a human being from scratch. No man can match that claim.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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