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You understand that we do not WANT what you consider to be a culture of life, right? We don’t WANT IT. Which is why it will NEVER HAPPEN. Ever. Myself and every other pro-choice advocates REJECT your culture of life, and as such, it will never exist. :)


Is ending your dark and hateful comments with a smiley supposed to make others more accepting of your comments? Any person who prefers our current world over one that embraces the value and dignity of ALL innocent human life is sad and depraved.

What is so wrong with improving our world? Who really WANTS human abortion? Do you? Do you want to continue to live in a world where mothers seek out people willing to kill their prenatal sons and daughters for a little cash? Money that they then spend on expensive homes and cars. Money spent on material objects purchased on the backs of dead children. Is this the world you want to continue to live in?

The only logical reason you would want to maintain the status quo is that you are a part of the abortion industry. That you are one of those benefiting from the slaughter of prenatal children. This would explain a great deal about your depraved ideology.

Because you continue to fan the flames of human abortion, the deaths of millions of human beings will be your legacy.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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