Do you understand that scientifically, a fetus is quite literally incapable of being “sweet?” Just like it is incapable of displaying any other personality trait. So, do you use that word to intentionally be emotionally manipulative, or are you just so uneducated that you do not realize that fetuses cannot be sweet, technically? It has to be one or the other.


What is the difference between calling a prenatal child sweet and calling a newborn infant sweet? Either you haven’t been around a newborn or you are ‘uneducated’ about the human trait of conferring qualities to other living things because it makes us feel good about their and our existence. A newborn is just as incapable of being ‘sweet’ as they were moments before their birth while considered a ‘fetus’. Their ‘sweetness’ is our way of showing affection toward them.

You, as someone who believes a fetus can be electively slaughtered by their mother, would never show affection toward them. I, as someone who knows that they’re living human beings, no different than a newborn, can show affection toward them. It’s why I ‘whine’ when they are abandoned to abortion. It’s why I’m hurt when they are butchered by an abortionist. It’s why I have the passion to dedicate the time I do to this blog. It’s why I fight so hard for their lives. And it’s why I keep engaging you.

I know deep down that you are capable of seeing their humanity. That you are capable of understanding that you were once a prenatal child and that you deserved the life you have today. That you are just as deserving of love today as you were while awaiting your birth. Just because you could not be seen does not mean that your life held no value. In fact, to people like me, your value has never changed since the day of your conception. I would have fought tirelessly for your life while in the womb as I would now that you are born. There really is no difference in your value as a human being.

Please join me in defending every innocent human life. I know you are capable of extending your love past the cervix. Calling me a terrorist and other names will never change my belief that we are better than abortion, that humanity can ascend above this depraved and selfish act. That we can embrace a culture of life and build a better world for those who will inherit what we have created. Do you really want your children born into a world where they are taught about abortion and the mechanics of acquiring this procedure? That for the price of an iPhone they can end their own child’s life? Who wants to be a part of a society that not only allows this practice, but actually has the infrastructure in place to facilitate the mass execution of millions of prenatal children? It’s really sad when you consider the world we’ve managed to create.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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