If getting an abortion is killing a baby then so is having my period.

If bleeding a baby out my vagina because I didn’t stick a penis in it isn’t murder, then why is abortion?

I didn’t give birth to a “potential child” either way

Basically, you are saying that i should be constantly having children so that the eggs I am bleeding out every month become “potential people”


I have addressed the severity of this form of ignorance before, but it must be confronted periodically. This is the same ridiculous ‘argument’ as the overplayed, ‘blow jobs are mass murder’ memes.

Female ovum and male sperm are haploid DNA carriers. They are not living human beings. They each carry half of the genetic material required to create a human being. Once they fuse during fertilization, a new human being is created. Until then, you may masturbate and menstruate guilt free. You may swallow all of the sperm your heart desires and you will not kill a single human being.

Once these haploid cells fuse, they become a diploid zygote — a real living human being. From this moment on, this person deserves every protection afforded to any other person. They have every right to live that you and I enjoy. They are real and they are us and we are them.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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