Dr. Mark Hobart, an Australian doctor, is at risk of losing his medical license after refusing to abort a pregnant woman who wanted to have a boy. The mother wanted an abortion because she and her husband do not want a girl. Hobart refused to kill the baby girl and did not refer the couple to another doctor.


This is inhuman and sick. If you are a feminist and you accept the killing of prenatal children just because they are female then you are a hypocritical and sadistic person and you have no moral ground to stand on for the cause of equal rights for females.

Killing prenatal children is as low and sad as our society can possibly go. Killing a healthy and beautiful child because of his or her genitalia represents human depravity distilled into everything that is wrong with our species.

We continue to evolve to gain more and more knowledge and to improve our technology and our understanding of the natural world, yet we are slipping backwards when it comes to knowing the difference between right and wrong. Killing prenatal children is wrong, evil, and immoral.

Australia is one of the worst places on this planet to live in the womb. Only China and India lead her in the pure and unchecked slaughter of babies. Now Victoria is fighting to punish those doctors who refuse to kill based on the fact that a child is female.

Our world is becoming more disturbing by the day. This degeneration is being caused by human abortion. If the practice of killing healthy prenatal children based on their sex doesn’t motivate you to take action and scream to the world how wrong abortion is, nothing will ever motivate you.

The saddest thing about this atrocity is that the mother of that sweet 19 week old baby girl found another doctor a few days later who had the twisted mind of your typical late-term abortionist and who could stomach the dismemberment of that little girl just because she was that — a little girl. Interestingly, the mother later became pregnant and did not seek to know the sex of her latest child. Even she knew that what she had done was inhuman. Yet our unjust laws continue to allow the barbaric practice of abortion.

What a sad world we have built.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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