I have had an abortion.  The fetus was twelve weeks.  I had it suctioned out of my uterus.  According to development websites, it was about the size of a plum and I had it suctioned out of my uterus.  Yes, it was uncomfortable.  No, I feel no regret and I never will.  No, I have no animosity or hatred toward the fetus.  It mere was and now it is not. 

I will stand up and hold out my hand to any person who has had an abortion, I will give them an ear to speak to and the best words I can muster as encouragement and salve for whatever emotions they’re experiencing.  I will offer them the compassion the nurses and doctors gave me while I was at the clinic; I will be their hope of humanity restored.

I am unafraid.  I am unashamed.  And I know I am a better person, a better human being, than you.

You, who judges others and attempts to torment through pictures and triggering words.

You, who finds some sort of high horse through causing mental and emotional torment.

You, who feels you are doing your duty, your God’s work, through actions so far from compassion and love.

It’s people like you who make me hope your God exists, because if He does, if He sits and watches, I know He will judge you harshly.

The ongoing torment you attempt to unleash on others will not undo their decisions nor will it win you any golden stars on your way to to the afterlife.  It will be your undoing.

You deserve nothing.  You do no good.  You only cause pain.

You are doing the work of those who hate humanity.


Your abortion was not about you, it was about your now dead son or daughter. If you felt remorse or regret, I would be the first to help you heal and discover a new respect for the dignity of innocent human life. But you feel the need to rub your abortion in the faces of those who know that your child was real, was alive, and was wanted. Maybe he or she wasn’t wanted by you, but there was definitely a family out there who would have cared for and nurtured your baby boy or girl. He or she would still be here today if you had only had the slightest bit of courage and selfless spirit that has never failed to overcome even the greatest of life’s challenges.

I know you are trying to hurt me and others by describing how your child was suctioned out of your uterus. And it does hurt. It hurts me more to think about it than it did you to have it done, and that is sad. Thinking about the vacuum aspirator whirring away while you laid back with your legs spread, happily knowing that you were allowing the sadistic abortionist between your legs to rip your little boy or girl to pieces, is truly painful. It hurts me to know that the only human touch your sweet child ever knew was from an abortionist reassembling his or her broken body to ensure your womb was vacant and lifeless.

Is this what you wanted from me? The brutal truth of your inhuman act? Does this prove some point you wanted to make? That I am some evil person because I speak for unborn children like the one you so easily destroyed? That somehow my words are more hurtful than what you did to your living son or daughter? You committed a crime against humanity when you killed your precious child. The law is currently on your side. But it won’t last. For now, you can not only legally kill your own unborn child, you can tell the world all about it. But some day, as others wake up to the reality of human abortion, your depraved act will be seen for what it truly was – the murder of an innocent living human being. But for now, you get to continue to advocate for the slaughter of ever more unborn children. You and others get to kill with a clear conscience, at least in theory.

And as I have stated many times before, I am an atheist and I am not affected by your attempts to predict my judgment before a supernatural being. And if there was a god, you would be deluding yourself if you think he would judge me more harshly for defending life than he would you for destroying it. I oppose abortion because it is a violation of our most basic human right – the Right to Life. You hold no value for your fellow human being so long as they reside within the womb. I hold the same value for the unborn as I do for the post-born because one’s location relative to a woman’s cervix does not determine their value or humanity. This places us at great odds, but I will never tire of working to convince those like you that they are making a terrible and unjust mistake. That all human beings are equal, regardless of their stage of development. That no innocent living human being deserves to be led to slaughter by their own mother.

As we begin to embrace a culture of life, abortion will become unthinkable. In a society founded on the equal value of all innocent human life, regardless of stage of development, many of our other challenges will begin to fade away. Who could rape another if they truly believed the other person to be as valuable and deserving of human rights as themselves? Who could murder if they knew with certainty that all innocent human life is equal? Abortion undermines these concepts by teaching us that other human beings can simply be suctioned away, dismembered, or poisoned – for any reason, no matter the insignificance – so long as it benefits us personally. That they are simply disposable on demand and without regret. Abortion shakes the very foundation of our collective humanity and will forever continue to erode our morality until it is abolished and becomes as repulsive as the many other human atrocities we have overcome.

When you someday realize that your abortion is not something to be proud of or indifferent towards, you will have awoken to what it means to end an unborn child’s life. If you do this, then you deserve to heal. And you will deserve the love and compassion of your fellow man. Both you and your child deserved better than human abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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