You can say “you deserve better” until the fucking cows come home.

I don’t want better.

I want choice. I want options.

I do not want your bullshit culture of life. I do not want your naive beliefs controlling mine. In fact, if it existed, I would pity them, and walk away from it.

It’s nice to be hopeful. It’s nice to think that people are good. But there will ALWAYS BE BAD PEOPLE. You will never get to a point where nobody is ever raped. You will never get to a point where birth control is efficient enough that nobody ever has to get an abortion. You are quite frankly delusionally naive.

I reject your culture of life. It is unwanted. Even if it ever happened (which it would not), there will ALWAYS be women who will get abortions.

They don’t want your culture of life either.

And with people like me fighting your every conceivable move, it will never happen. Because you are a bad person and we enjoy fighting you to prevent your bad ideas from spreading like the plague they are.


Because the world we live in today that is plagued by abortion, rape, murder, torture, kidnapping, sexual trafficking, and warfare is so worth holding on to. They are all great reasons to reject a world based on a respect for the dignity of ALL innocent human life.

And this world you embrace that is based on a culture of death and selfishness will only continue to sink further and further into a moral abyss as the killing of prenatal children continues to accelerate. The world you are fighting for will so devalue human life that someday being born may not be enough to guarantee our very right to live.

This will be your legacy.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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