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To the girl who says she’s getting her abortion tomorrow because she’s afraid of pain… I had my child, please tell her that with an epidural it is SO much easier. I had little pain during and after, it was just like a heavy period. I was scared of it too, but it was so amazing to see this little person had been growing inside you this whole time! I don’t regret a single day watching my daughter grow even though her father divorced me. She makes me happy when I’m depressed with her unconditional love. Finally, my brother’s girlfriend wanted an abortion but everyone begged her to keep it. She watched abortion videos and changed her mind. They are split now but my nephew is a toddler and she doesn’t regret it. She even had trouble delivering!


Thank you so much for your story and your advice. You are a beautiful person who knows that temporary pain and even suffering do not justify taking the life of an innocent child. I know how much joy a baby can bring to your life, even if they enter it at an inconvenient time or under less than ideal circumstances.

The reason many women cannot grasp this is because they are so absorbed with their own self interests that they are blinded to the idea of giving selflessly of themselves to support another. It’s always better to give than receive. Only then will your heart be warmed by the joy of another.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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