Honestly life is so overrated. Yeah you live you have some memories. But they all mean nothing. Our friends, our family, means nothing. They’re just temporary, we are just temporary. We are all going to die so what difference does it make. Honestly life isn’t that special. And that’s for a sound person. If you happen to be born with diseases well chances are you are going to hate life that much more. Have you ever heard of the saying ‘the sweet release of death’. They say it for a reason.


Everything in this universe is temporary. Our star, the Sun, will die someday. Eventually, the entire universe will either fade out or collapse back in on itself. Each of us can be thought of as an individual cell belonging to a larger being — the human race. Each of us exists on a slightly different timeline and each of us, like the universe itself, will die someday, but our species will continue on.

So what is the point of an individual life? Each of us contribute something as we live our little slice of time. We add to our culture, we mentor other human beings, we work as a part of our society, we design and build new things, we think of new ideas, and we bear and raise our replacements. There is no grand architect behind our civilization, it has been built by billions of individuals like you and I. Each of us contributes something along the way.

Life on Earth represents over three billion years of trial and error. As scary as it may seem, human beings represent the apex of that process. We are the most highly evolved life on our little blue planet, yet we still have many struggles and face enormous challenges. We work to overcome these challenges and continue to improve our situation so those who follow us into existence, even though temporarily, inherit a better world in which to build upon. That is the point of your life, the point of all of our lives. We are meant to live and contribute to the greater whole, the greater good.

And that is why abortion is such a tragedy. Each of the hundreds of millions killed by abortion had something to contribute, had the potential to impact our world and shape our future. Willfully destroying a human being in the womb not only steals a lifetime of beauty and wonder from that one person, it forever alters the fabric of humanity and the path of our collective journey through time.

You are important and you matter. Each and every one of us deserves to make our mark.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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