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if you make abortion unthinkable, what kind of society are you leaving behind for people who actually need abortions for medical reasons? You’re either leaving them a society where they’re forever shamed for getting such an unthinkable procedure done, or you’re leaving them a society where more likely than not there aren’t any doctors that can help the pregnant person, because what medical school would teach something so unthinkable?


If a mother’s life is in genuine danger of impending death, then every effort must be made to save both her and her unborn child. If during this life saving procedure her child’s life is unintentionally lost, then no abortion has occurred. This is the only logical course to take for if the mother’s life is lost so is her child’s. It is better to save one than lose both.

Abortion is the intentional killing of another human being through elective inducement for selfish reasons. This is what will be unthinkable, not a life saving emergency procedure. Abortionists are not doctors. Doctors do not intentionally kill living human beings.

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