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Ok. you won. My sister and I called them earlier and said I wasn’t getting it done. I have agreed with my sister that I will live at her house, and as soon as possible I am getting it taken out and handed over to her custody.

I spoke to a few pro-CHOICE blogs and they gave me the details of what to do, and unlike you they did not verbally abuse me. We are telling my mother in the morning, at which point she will tell me I am no longer welcome at home. There is no chance I am leaving education, so if the kid gets in the way I am going to try for an earlier c-section (there is also no way am I having a vaginal delivery).

Honestly, I feel nothing positive towards it, and it will NEVER be my kid, so when replying please do not refer to it as mine. It’s taking all I have to stop thinking about killing us both by driving sharp objects into my abdomen. Even though I am not having an abortion, I still have to have a scan. As soon as I have my body back I am carrying on like this never happened. The child will be looked after by my sister, and hopefully the only time it is going to be referred to as mine is when I am signing the relevant papers. I was advised by pro-CHOICE blogs about this option, so please do not see this a victory.

P.S. I feel dreadful, if this is morning sickness I am taking every pill available to stop it.


I won nothing. Your child won EVERYTHING. Your child is yours until his or her birth and you are fully responsible for his or her safety, protection, and nourishment until that day. And you should be extremely PROUD of your decision to provide not only these things, but to provide his or her very LIFE.

Both you and your sister became heroes today. Although you believe I verbally abused you, in reality, I was simply telling you the hard truth about human abortion and what it really means. The truth often hurts, but I am glad you accepted it.

I am ecstatic that your beautiful child will now have a chance to experience all of the challenges and joys life has to offer. Don’t be surprised if you start to fall in love with your baby when he or she begins to stir inside your womb. And if you don’t, at least you have provided a loving and caring home for him or her.

Life can be hard. How we confront adversity defines who we are. Although your outlook is less than ideal, your conviction to ensure your living unborn child has a birthday makes you someone to look up to and admire. Thank you again on behalf of your child and on behalf of those who value both you and your child’s life more than you will ever know.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. On the one hand I understand this woman due to having hated an idea of a child of my own in the past myself, on the other I understand neither of us now, nursing my sleepy baby boy at bedtime.


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