Do you agree or disagree that limiting control over their reproductive systems leaves women beholden to said reproductive system, that this in effect leaves them socially dependent more often than men, and that this is why in some cultures a woman may be considered less valuable and her gender subsequently be targeted by gendercide? Note that if this doesn’t get an answer in a week, I’ll assume that you simply don’t care if this is true or not and despite what you say, value fetuses over women.


Women are not men. They are different than men and should not feel the need to kill their own children in an effort to become as ‘valuable’ as men. Women are, in fact, more valuable than men because our species relies on them to reproduce new human beings. Does this make them beholden to their reproductive systems? Yes, it does. Just like you were beholden to that same reproductive system while you were gestating. You had no choice but to gestate, to share your mother’s organs until you grew your own.

I am working to shift our culture to one where people like you look at human reproduction in a different way. A culture where people respect the dignity of human life and honor the incredible sacrifice women make during pregnancy and childbirth. Once we all embrace every human life equally, abortion will be unthinkable, and by default, so will gendercide.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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