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Do you agree or disagree that motherhood is the most noble accomplishment a woman can achieve?


I agree that building a living human being cell-by-cell while protecting and nurturing her preborn child and simultaneously dealing with life’s everyday challenges is definitely a noble accomplishment. Is it the most noble accomplishment a woman is capable of? No. Women are capable of anything that a man is capable of in addition to their incredible ability to gestate a child. Women are amazing, but some, in their zeal to be as ‘free’ as men, are willing to kill their own children. This is not a foundation that we want our society built upon.

Imagine a world built on a culture of life where every child is wanted and every child’s Right to Life is honored and protected by law. A culture of life would make abortion not only illegal, but unthinkable. Women would never feel ‘forced’ into pregnancy, it would simply be a natural part of life, regardless of the circumstances of conception. In this culture, fathers would never abandon their children nor the mother of their children. Not only because it would be illegal to do so, but because it would be unthinkable to do so.

Our culture today is based on unadulterated selfishness. A selfishness so intensely woven into our society that something as horrific and depraved as human abortion is not only legal, but embraced by many. Great civilizations cannot thrive on selfishness. Great civilizations are built on a foundation of sacrifice for the common good. We can be that great civilization. We can end human abortion. We can stop killing our own preborn children.

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