Read “First Fed Challenge To Pregnant Woman’s Arrest Under Personhood“, then tell me if you are okay with how the situation was handled, and do you accept that if everyone from conception is given personhood that this is simply going to have to happen now and then.


A change in culture is a challenging process. You are arguing that because difficult legal situations may arise if we grant human rights to all humans, we should just continue to kill our prenatal children to keep things simple. This same type of argument was used by American slaveholders to avoid the emancipation of Africans. I think it was worth the legal challenges to set them free, don’t you?

In regards to the Alicia Beltran case you have referenced, if the actions occurred as stated in the incredibly biased press release, it would seem that it could have been handled better. She did admit to still using drugs while pregnant, but was making efforts on her own to stop their use. Most people with a drug addiction don’t just stop using them ‘on their own’. Her prenatal child’s life was at considerable risk due to her addiction and the state acted to protect that child, just like the state would act if she were abusing her infant.

Try to look at it from the baby’s perspective. If she continued to take drugs and her child were deformed or seriously harmed and had to live his or her life forever physically or mentally disabled, would this be acceptable to you? That human being would suffer decade after decade. Isn’t placing the pregnant mother under state supervision while her child safely completes gestation worth it? And if the child did have disabilities, think of the enormous cost to society to have to provide a lifetime of care because the state failed to act.

If you valued prenatal human life as much as you value neonatal human life, you would realize that these types of actions are necessary and just. In a world where all human beings are conferred the coveted status of ‘person’, many interesting challenges will arise. But isn’t human equality worth it?

We literally kill 120,000 of our own young every single day on this planet. Think about what we are doing. Think about what you advocate for. The right to life is the foundation for all other rights, and it’s crumbling under the weight of human abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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