The definition of holocaust: destruction or slaughter on a mass scale; any reckless destruction of life. Holocaust has a secure place in the language when it refers to the massive destruction of humans by other humans.

How Dare You Compare Abortion to the Holocaust or Slavery?

I have heard many people cry foul whenever any pro-lifer uses the Jewish Holocaust or slavery in America as a comparison to abortion. Many times at my talks someone will scold me during question-and-answer time, claiming to be offended that I would use such a comparison.

The problem they have is not really the fact that a comparison is being made to one of these horrific tragedies; after all, we build museums, memorials and reminders of what happened to make sure something like the Jewish Holocaust will never happen again. The problem really is that we have elevated what they consider to be a blob of tissue to personhood status.

If comparison in and of itself were the problem, then we would not go to such great lengths to educate society about what happened. The reason places like Auschwitz are open for the public is to guarantee that we understand the horror of what took place in the death camps.

This is precisely the reason we use such imagery. We want to the world to understand that what makes us so sick about Jewish Holocaust is precisely what makes us sick about the Abortion Holocaust. We talk about the Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision because we want people to see that Roe v. Wade is just as despicable.

We know that skin color does not determine the personhood of a human being; they are human no matter what shade their skin is. We know that nationality does not determine the personhood of a human being; they are human not matter where they come from. We should also know that age does not determine the personhood of a human being; they are human from the moment they start living until the day they die.

Some try to claim that a human being does not start living until nine months after his or her development starts, which really does not make any sense at all. From the very second the development of a human being starts, the thing developing is a human being. These human persons cannot suddenly become another species; they remain human beings throughout their development. That development starts the moment the sperm and egg unite and ends when that human person dies. From zygote, embryo, fetus, infant, toddler, teen, adult to senior, the human being cycles through different stages of his or her life, until natural death.

The fact is these comparisons have to be made in order to show the full scope of the tragedy that took place on January 22, 1973. I would argue that we should be offended if we don’t compare these events and use these historical tools to show the world the truth about the Abortion Holocaust.

It is obvious that we have not yet learned from the unthinkable acts of human destruction in history and the ignorance that led to such devastation. We are obligated to take these lessons and teach people the truth in hopes we can end the plague of child killing that is abortion.

I would go as far as saying, “How dare we not compare the Abortion Holocaust to the American Slave Trade, the Jewish Holocaust or any other catastrophic evil in history?”

When the Allied Forces liberated the concentration camps, part of the requirement for aiding Germany in the “clean up” was requiring the citizens of those cities just miles away to walk through the camps before the bodies and evidence was removed.  There is video of this.  German people were all smiles and laughs walking into the camps, but the video of them walking out shows a different story.  Their faces are stark, pale, overcome with grief and horror.  They SAW with their own eyes, heard with their own ears, smelled with their own noses the atrocities that took place there.  The Allied Forces wanted to make sure that the German people never forgot the horrific mass murder that went on right … next … door.

Whereas the Nazis were responsible for the wholesale murder of more than 6 million Jews, those today who support the practice of abortion homicide are no less complicit in the systematic slaughter of 55-million-and-counting equally precious human beings post Roe v. Wade. The parallels are undeniable and the science unequivocal. Murder is murder whatever stage of development the human victim.

Still, my comparison is not intended to be an ad hominem attack. In fact, it’s not an attack at all. It simply is what it is. To identify the undeniable juxtaposition between the Nazi and abortion holocausts respectively is to make use of the best analogy available. I can think of no more fitting a comparison. If the shoe fits and all that.

Indeed, ours is a holocaust no less real – no less evil than that perpetrated by the Nazi regime. We’ve simply moved from the gas chambers to the abortion clinic – from Auschwitz to Planned Parenthood.

Maybe there aren’t barbed wired concentration camps on the border of every town. And maybe there aren’t smoke stacks raining ashes of the innocents as a constant reminder of our failings. And while we haven’t ordered the systematic murder of American citizens, we have purposefully turned a blind eye to the most vulnerable among us. We legalized the mass murder of children all because of their status in our society. And their status is unborn.

When did we get to a place where a mother’s health supersedes the life of her unborn child, especially when that child could be born with the potential to live instead of being killed in the womb and delivered without any chance at all. It does not make sense that in this day and age, when technology has revealed the intimate details of development, that we can still lay our heads down to sleep each night, knowing that tomorrow a fully formed baby will be killed because an unborn child has legally become an extension of a woman’s own reproductive system instead of an individual with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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