You know what, yeah, fine, you may dislike abortions, you may be an idiot, but you do not have permission to just lose your humanity and your fucking boundaries just because someone does something that you think is wrong.

You make them up to be these murderers, like they’re these cold-hearted fucks who just don’t care – believe me, you do not need to rub it in their face. You do not need to call them things, that they call themselves 24 hours of the day.

My parents had an abortion, and my dad still keeps track of how old s/he would be today. It still makes them sad, and we have to live with this, because after carefully considering their options and circumstances, my parents had to make an extremely difficult call and they did what was best for them, for me, for my sister, and for the baby.

You are entitled to an opinion just like everybody else, but don’t think for a second that you have the right to come barging in telling me what’s right and what’s wrong just because you believe in a god. Just because “abortion kills one of his creations”. No. This is our child, not anyone else’s.

We already have to live with seeing this all around us, bumper stickers with text like “abortion stops a beating heart” – yeah, we know. We don’t exactly do it for the fun, you ignorant piece of crap.


Though your comments were clearly not directed at me because I’m an atheist, I will respond on behalf of the person you targeted with your vile words. I will respond because you are wrong on many fronts, but mainly you are wrong about the child only being your family’s. This is not true. Children are all of our responsibility. If you don’t think this is true, try abusing a child and see how long it takes for the state to take custody of them. We all have an interest in protecting the most vulnerable and defenseless members of our human family from people like you and your parents. That is why the pro-life movement works so hard to confer the right to life to every human being starting at the moment of conception.

There is a reason your parents feel sad — it’s called guilt for killing their own son or daughter, a member of your own family. There is no reason good enough to kill an innocent living human being. You have completely deluded yourself in an attempt to make what your parents have done seem acceptable. For proof of this, just re-read your comment stating that what they did was best for the baby. YOU JUST SAID THAT STEALING THE VERY LIFE AWAY FROM YOUR BROTHER OR SISTER WAS GOOD FOR HIM OR HER! You just said that he or she is better off DEAD! Do you hear yourself? Who are you to know how your brother or sister’s life would have turned out? Don’t you think he or she may have fallen in love someday and had beautiful children of their own?

The selfishness of our world is stomach churning. You have life, good for you. Too bad for your brother or sister. Oh wait, I forgot, being poisoned or dismembered by their abortionist was the best thing for them. Keep telling yourself that. Over time, that lie is going to fall apart.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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