I’ve noticed that you are constantly “forgiving” women who have gotten abortions. You feel the need to “forgive” them, because to you, what they’ve done is kill a human. A human you value as much as you value any other human. Even though we both know an embryo is not worth a fully developed human, but I digress.

Now, my question is this.

If you met a woman who murdered her child (age is really irrelevant but let’s say a teenager), because they were inconvenient, but told you they regretted it sincerely, would you forgive them? Would you forgive them and hope they find love in another child? Since, you know. You forgive women who have had abortions.


I forgive women who have committed abortion and regret what they have done and work to stop others from committing this depraved act. I do not forgive women who have aborted their children and continue to champion for the further killing of other innocent human beings. These women have killed and would kill again and they cheer on those who also choose to kill. These women will never receive my forgiveness.

The reason I forgive those who regret their ‘choice’ is because they were born into a society where the killing of prenatal human beings is legal. They grew up believing that abortion is just another medical procedure. Their moral compasses are skewed by the edict of law and by those around them who have embraced the killing and who believe that a mother is more valuable than her children. This is why I can forgive post-abortive mothers who now regret their actions after living the horror and experiencing the emptiness and loss. After now realizing that they were lied to and that what they did was willfully destroy their own child.

A woman who kills her teenage child did not have her moral compass skewed by society. She was born into a world that clearly delineates between right and wrong when it comes to killing the post-born members of our human family. Could I forgive her for this? I could forgive anyone for any act so long as they truly regret what they have done. This does not absolve them of the requirement to pay their debt to their dead child and to their society. They should face the full punishment under the law for their actions. But yes, I could forgive them.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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