Hello cultureshift! I am female (though genderfluid), and personally, the thought of childbirth just sort of freaks me out. I would be ok with, say, adopting a child or my partner becoming pregnant through insemination, but I really don’t want to give birth. I’m afraid of the pain, the complications, and also I’m a lesbian. Since adoption here in Washington state is a really complicated and unfulfilling process, should I be forced to carry out a pregnancy that I never wanted?


I’m sorry that the grand finale to the beautiful process of human reproduction, childbirth, causes you anguish. You never said whether or not your partner was willing to be inseminated. If so, problem solved. If not, I still believe adoption is the best option. You seem to be equating the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth with the challenges encountered with adoption, but to call adoption ‘unfulfilling’ is certainly unwarranted. Just like with pregnancy, the end state of adoption provides you with a beautiful child to love and cherish. Surely that is worth the effort.

I believe there is no more beautiful of a human experience than pregnancy and childbirth. Really think about the amazing journey you will have missed if you reach menopause without having ever known life inside of you. And if life ever does find its way into your womb, please protect and shepherd it, love and protect it. The favor will be returned some day.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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