Let me tell you a little story. I was 15 years old. I was wearing a Magical Mystery Tour Beatles T-shirt, and fuzzy purple leopard pajama pants. My mom and my grandma was with me to get my abortion. I went to Daytona, which is the closest area with a clinic around me. Before I actually had the procedure done, I had to visit with them a few days beforehand to get my blood tested, blood pressure taken, and my weight taken. The day of, the same thing happened. When I was in the clinic before the day I had it done, the nurse told me to expect protesters and to not let them get to me. That’s depressing all by itself, that they have to WARN patients of protesters.

When I was walking to the clinic, I was approached by 3 old men and given 5 different papers and pamphlets about how I can “save my baby”. They were forcing their input to me and making me feel awful like I was a bad person or something. Finally, my mother pushed them out of the way and got me into the clinic. While in the front waiting room, I watched other girls walk in happily to get away from the protesters. The fact that people actually shove this in people’s faces is disgusting. Pro lifers need to back off, simple as that.

Anyways, when I was waiting in the back with all of the other girls that were getting the procedure done, one by one they were called back to talk to a counselor about why they want the abortion, and if they really want the abortion. Once you talked to the counselor you were given a bag with a hospital gown, flip flops, and a booklet on what would be done. When it was my turn to actually get the abortion, I was nervous. There was going to be a grown man seeing all up in my vagina, I mean, fuck that’s kinda weird. I walked into the room with the nurse and the doctor and they told me to sit on the bench. They did a final sonogram and they HAD to show me the picture because of anti abortion laws. They even printed it off for me. After that, they put medicine into my veins and then the procedure began. I looked up at the roof for what seemed like 3 seconds and it was over. It was done in less than a minute.

After it was finished, they took me into another room and sat me down in a recliner chair. The nurse put a heat pad on my stomach, gave me medicated tea, and crackers. They MADE me sit there for 30 minutes to make sure I was okay. And I was. I was okay.

Abortions aren’t the end of the world, and I’m sick of pro lifers making it seem that way. It is not murder, it is not “torturing” the fetus, and it is not putting the women in danger! Abortions are perfectly safe, and they will continue to be unless you pro life assholes decide to make it illegal to get one. You won’t make people stop having them, you’ll just make it to where women will die, bleed to death, get infections, and much worse.

Stop shoving your unnecessary and cruel opinions in other’s faces, and fucking leave their uterus’ alone, it isn’t yours.


Sad when the most stressful part of an abortion is the anti-choicers who claim to want to help women.


You’re right, it is sad when the most stressful part of an abortion is when people who actually value life have to attempt to save a child from his or her own mother’s depraved choice to end their life.

Dreamless-soul thinks her now dead child had no value because he or she could be killed so quickly, in ‘less than a minute’. I am sure that her life could be ended in less than a minute as well, but does that mean she has no value?

This young mother of a now deceased child, a child she chose to kill, now thinks it will help others contemplating killing their children to destigmatize human abortion. Nothing she can say will ever make killing prenatal human beings normal or acceptable.

To be clear, the instant your son or daughter is conceived, you become a mother. Abortion cannot change this. It cannot roll back the hands of time. Dreamless-soul still carries the title of mother and always will. Her son or daughter was real and would be calling her their mommy today if she had not so cruelly taken their life away.

Abortion is not okay. It never has been and it never will be. No matter how many times selfish people like dreamless-soul thinks it’s a good idea to subject the entire world to their personal account of how they had their defenseless child ripped from their womb.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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