Can you really not tag your posts? I’ve never seen any other pro-lifer go through this. I’ve seen them receive death threats and have their page hacked, but for everyone to gang up on you and for tumblr to keep you from tagging posts… it’s ridiculous.


I provide a brutally honest voice for our prenatal children. I don’t let those who elect to kill them and then publicly describe their deaths just sit back and pat themselves on the back for their ‘struggle’ and ‘relief’. Those at risk of being killed by abortion don’t have the luxury of having their defenders beat around the bush or only speak through colloquialisms.

This ‘offends’ abortion activists, yet reading about how a mother poisoned her prenatal child and discharged them into a bedpan with her human waste doesn’t elicit a single objection.

I have received some of the most vile and hateful messages imaginable from those who advocate for killing prenatal children. I have received many comments hoping for my death or wishing that I had been aborted instead of my little sister. I have published a small fraction of these comments, yet I have never reported anyone. This is a passionate and divisive issue and I am not going to attempt to silence anyone’s opinion. I prefer that the world see the reality of their warped ideology.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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