Bearing Responsibility


There isn’t any reason why a woman should have to face all the consequences from something she didn’t do alone. If a guy can get her pregnant & run away, there is no reason why she should be the one responsible for everything. Having more options puts a woman on more equal footing with men instead of being someone they can take advantage of. It’s best for a child to not be born at all than to be born hated, to a mother who was forced to have him because she has no choice & not because she wanted it.


I agree, a woman should not have to face her pregnancy alone. The man who impregnated her should bear half of the responsibility of caring for her and their child.

But you must accept that a woman is different from a man. They are one half of the evolutionary reproduction equation. Yes, they bear the more challenging aspect of human reproduction, but this does not give them any right to kill a living human being in an effort to be more like a man. Women should be proud of their incredible capability and the world should hold them in the highest regard.

The reality is that abortion is one of the worst ways in which men take advantage of women. It doesn’t create equal footing, it only kills an innocent child. And if a mother does not want the responsibility of raising her child, she can place him or her for adoption. You know, that other choice that no ‘pro-choice’ advocate ever wants to talk about.

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