Taking Responsibility for One’s Actions


I believe strongly in taking responsibilities for one’s actions. I believe that people should practice safe sex or abstinence. And I believe that the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy can be worse than the “benefits” of having irresponsible sex. However, in some cases, I believe that abortion IS taking responsibility. Bringing an unwanted child into the world is irresponsible.


Once a child is conceived, he or she has already been brought into this world. Birth does not change the value of a human being. If killing a prenatal child is acceptable to you because he or she is ‘unwanted’, then why not kill an unwanted infant for the same reason?

You were the same human being you are now when you were gestating. Killing you then would make you just as dead as if you were killed today. Killing innocent living human beings is wrong, regardless of the reason or the place or the time.

Respond to Taking Responsibility for One’s Actions

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