Glaring Inaccuracy


Hey, pro-lifers … would appreciate it if you’d use the correct definitions here. A fetus is not a baby. True, a fetus might become a baby, just as a baby might become an adult … but each term describes a different stage of development. So, don’t go around accusing people who’re getting abortions of killing a baby. Would you go around and accuse someone who killed a baby or child of killing an adult? Of course NOT! Except for in some metaphorical or poetic sense, or during transition, someone can’t be in two different stages of development at exactly the same time.


A prenatal child can be called many scientific names such as zygote, blastocyst, embryo, and fetus, among many others. Those who desire to continue their slaughter refuse to use the common lexicon of child. Somehow referring to our young by scientific names makes the killing easier on their conscience. I guess killing an ‘adolescent’ is easier than killing a ‘child’. Then again, maybe not.

Because I value education, I’ll share some with you…

This definition is from


noun, plural babies

5. a human fetus.

And this definition is from Merriam-Webster:


noun, often attributive

1: an unborn or recently born person

Conclusion: abortion kills babies and children. Now get to work correcting your graphic.

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