I find it absolutely disgusting that life in the womb is sacred to pro-life folk but after the kid is born, you don’t give a shit (i.e., stricter gun control laws, better educational systems, etc.). If abortion was ever illegal, not only would those kids be born to parent(s) that don’t want them, but they’ll be born in a shitty world where people like you try to take away their rights after birth.


Why do you insist on believing that we don’t care about children already born? It’s a complete lie. We focus on our cause — to stop the slaughter of millions of living human beings. Stopping a child from being killed comes before worrying about his or her education. If a child is dead, it hardly matters how great of an education he or she would have had access to. Don’t you see that saving their lives must be the first priority?

We don’t want to take anyone’s rights away. We are fighting to confer the most basic of all rights to every human being — the right to live. The day will come when people like you begin to realize that a prenatal human being is just as valuable as a neonatal human being. Technology will be the catalyst for this change of heart. Prenatal children are hidden away, but soon their reality will be undeniable. Their brutal deaths will become real once you can watch them die.

It honestly churns my stomach to think about how cruel and depraved a mother must be to literally poison or dismember the child living and growing inside her womb. Mothers only do this because they were born into a culture that tells them that killing is an acceptable way to absolve the inconvenience of an ‘unwanted’ child. It’s the most depraved act imaginable and it must be stopped.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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