To quote you, “A mother with child would become the most important member of a society built on a culture of life…” so what about women with no children? Less important? Women that cannot have children but carry on? Women like me that do not want children? I have a better life, and I’m not made to carry children, so your way of thinking is very upsetting to me that all you think about women is their uterus and that ability to carry a child. What about periods? That has a tie in with pregnancy.


A culture of life would have people like you also holding great regard for those women who are currently pregnant. We are all important, but when a mother is carrying a child, she should be given special consideration. We already do this as a society, just to a small degree. Some businesses and government facilities provide special parking for pregnant mothers. Most people will give up a seat to a mother with child. Those without children are not less important, they are simply not going through the sacrifice of pregnancy at the moment and should make special considerations for those who are. A mother is only pregnant for nine months. They do not become less important after giving birth, they just no longer require the special considerations they needed while pregnant.

And what about periods? Are you saying that a woman on her period should be given special considerations? Women are amazing for many reasons, their most amazing physical aspect being their ability to create a living human being. Menstruation is a natural requirement to fulfill this ability and should not be stigmatizing or frowned upon in any way. It’s actually a beautiful life-affirming process that reminds all of us on a regular basis of how amazing life really is.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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