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Dear Pro-Lifers,

Why are you upset when a girl plays with a rubber fetus, or a person gets an abortion, or takes birth control pills, or has a lot of good sex, but not when:

  • Children are starving and homeless?
  • When children are being beaten or molested?
  • When a child is neglected and unloved?
  • When there’s war, where innocent civilians are killed?
  • When the environment is dying, the water is toxic, the soil is toxic and we all have cancer?
  • Rich get richer while the poor get poorer?
  • Children get sold into prostitution?
  • When someone commits suicide?
  • When anything bad happens to a sentient human being and not a fetus.

How is a rubber fetus more important than sentient humans? Are you upset because I took your propaganda and made it fun? That even my pregnant sister had laughed when I pretended to eat the fetus? Are you upset because I take birth control pills? Or that my boyfriend and I have really awesome sex?

But mostly it’s the rubber fetus. Because even a piece of rubber that looks like your non-sentient idol (I swear, you guys have some kind of fetish) is more important to you than a sentient human being.


You don’t hear us talk about all of those other things because we have chosen to spend our time and energy on restoring the foundation of our civilization by protecting EVERY innocent human being’s right to live among us as equals. If we will kill our own prenatal sons and daughters, how do you ever expect us to end child abuse, domestic violence, and rape? If we can legally kill our own prenatal family members for the price of an iPhone, how can we ever stop killing each other through violent crime, terrorism, and warfare?

How many people that have chosen to fight global warming have you heard fight to end abortion? How many who stand against nuclear proliferation have you seen champion for a prenatal child’s right to life? How many who fight for better education make saving prenatal human lives a part of their efforts? Do you see a pattern developing? Pro-life advocates focus on their cause just like others focus on theirs. It doesn’t mean that we don’t care about other issues, it just means that we stay on message to provide the loudest and most coherent voice we can for the prenatal members of our human family who are at risk each and every day.

And yes, you do believe in taking away people’s rights and choices. Do you think prenatal children want to die? Do you think that if they had a choice, they would choose death? The very purpose of gestation is cellular division and growth. A purpose that continues until adulthood when we stop growing and begin our slow decline toward our natural death.

Know what you fight for.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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