California’s liberal Gov. Jerry Brown now has a bill on his desk allowing nurses, certified midwives, and other specially trained clinicians to perform early-term vacuum aspiration and medicine-induced abortions.

Texas restricts abortions to be performed only by doctors trained to do such procedures and California says let nurses and others do it. Texas is demonized for wanting a doctor to do it, saying they are restricting women’s choice. Three comments: 1) if something went wrong, wouldn’t you rather a doctor be there? 2) Which is really looking after the health of women? 3) Does the “pro-choice” movement realize that it is becoming a death cult?cultureshift:

California already commits more abortions than any other state in the union. Allowing non-doctors to lend a hand with the slaughter will only increase the numbers of dead prenatal children. California is legalizing the ‘back-alley abortion’ that so many abortion advocates claim to detest. And of course, there is deafening silence from them. Anything that makes their paid killers cheaper and more accessible is all that really matters to them.

Our prenatal children are dying by the thousands every day and all we can seem to do is speed up the process. What have we become?

Please help me to save the most vulnerable members of our human family. Please get involved and fight for their lives. You were once a prenatal child and look at you now.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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