I tried to find cheap performing clinics but they couldn’t do anything because I had a temperature and it’s really far out. I thought about keeping it but if I do I have a feeling I’ll grow feelings and I won’t want to keep to give it up. But I can’t say I might feel the same as your friend by regretting it. I did have one in June by the same guy. And I see my rapist everywhere and he threatened to kill me last time when he found out I was pregnant before. And I know it’s a cliche thing for him to say but he has done things that have proved that is capable of hurting me even killing me. Like if he found out I was pregnant he would know it was his and he would try. So that’s why I can’t keep it. I can’t make a case against him either due to his high authority and that because I’m 18 there’s too much evidence that it was consensual. I don’t want to keep a baby that, yes I would love but would also bring me hate. So you see that’s why I can’t.


You are stronger than your rapist and your child is more valuable than your rapist and the love you will share with your child will eclipse the fear you have of your rapist. Don’t let him hurt your child. Don’t let the pain he has inflicted on you reach your child. Believe in yourself and believe in your child’s ability to heal your pain.

You are better than abortion. Your child deserves better than abortion. The manner of one’s conception does not determine one’s value as a human being. Let yourself fall in love with the child growing inside of you. He or she desperately needs your love.

You can do this. You can choose life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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