Ok, I need help with something seriously.

So now I have a ‘boyfriend’ and he is from Costa Rica and I’m from Denmark, which obviously means that our culture and view of religion is different.

First of all he is Catholic and a very strong believer, and i’m none believing. He handled it kinda okay, but he told my friend that he would make me believe in God, which actually made me kinda mad. I accept and respect his religion and wouldn’t wanna change that, but he obviously don’t respect my point of view. But seen from his point of view, then he just want what he thinks is best for me.

I kinda let it go, because I don’t want it to come in the way for my feelings. (baaah)

So today, I felt like playing with fire and I decided to tell him about my two abortions. I got my friend to tell him, because I couldn’t do it, but we were sitting and holding hands. When she told him he couldn’t/didn’t wanted to look at me and he immediately let go of my hand. I was shocked, tbh. I did expect that he would react bad, but not that bad.
My friend told him that it was a joke, and everything was fine again. But.. If he can’t accept that I have had two abortions, is he then worth it?

I am seriously so confused and I need some advice :c Please help me?


I will take this opportunity to attempt to explain why many people ‘react badly’ to being told about abortion. This thought experiment will require you to transcend your current views about the value of a prenatal human being.

Imagine that the prenatal children currently gestating all around you are actual living human beings. Now imagine that you see absolutely no difference between a human being inside the womb and one located on the outside of the womb. Now place yourself outside of an abortion facility where you are watching women carry these children into a building manned and equipped to violently kill them for a relatively small fee. In a few hours, when these women walk out of this building, their dead children will remain behind.

What you are witnessing is no different to a pro-life advocate than if killing children up to two years old were legal. Now imagine, under the rule of law, mothers are walking into this same building with their toddlers in tow or their infants on their hips. A few hours later, they walk out of this building, alone. Their once living children are now dead, their little bodies relegated to bio-waste. Would this drive you to action to stop the killing? Would you admonish the women who have killed without remorse by taking advantage of an unjust law?

Remember, the eugenics and genocide prosecuted by the Nazi German state was legal and sanctioned by the government, just like human abortion is today.

If you honestly participated in this thought experiment, you should now better understand your boyfriend’s reaction.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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