Rabbit Holes


Just for the record, abortions take place before the fetus even HAS a gender. The person isn’t “killing their child”; its not a child yet. Most of the time very few of the organs are even partially developed. Its nothing more than a growing mass of cells. You think its so horrible that humans have abortions? You know what rabbits do when they can’t care for the offspring? They eat them. Alive. Sparing a child a life of suffering is far better than having it just because people like you say so.


You are incorrect. Your gender, as well as the gender of every single human being ever conceived, is determined at the exact moment the male and female gametes fuse during fertilization. And it’s not only your gender that’s determined at that moment: your eye color, hair color, facial features, skin tone, voice, personality traits, and thousands of other characteristics are also determined. Life begins at fertilization and abortion halts another person’s journey, regardless of when it’s performed.

An infant is not as developed as a teenager. Should we be able to kill infants? Because rabbits kill their newborns, are you suggesting that we should as well? If your crystal ball indicates that an infant is going to experience a life of suffering, should we put him or her down to spare them the agony of a horrible life?

You seem to believe that someone who experiences a less than ideal childhood can never find love or joy in their life, that killing them is the best option. Your beliefs are wrong for many reasons and are no justification for killing the innocent.

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