What’s Really At Issue


Are you going to pay my bills for the pregnancy you think you have the right to force me to keep? Are you going to endure the pain of giving birth for me? Are you going to pay the bills required for raising a child? Are you going to take the place of the father that abandoned the child? Are you going to make sure that child has a good life? Are you going to feed it, put a roof over it’s head and provide for it? No? Didn’t think so. Stay out of other peoples business. It’s not your place.


Your rhetorical questions are not what’s at issue. What’s at issue is whether or not a prenatal child is a living human being. We both know the answer to this question.

And because we are living human beings while awaiting our birth, most of your questions could just as easily apply to an infant or toddler. Are you in favor of killing them as well? Whether killed in the womb or killed in their beds while sleeping, they are just as dead and solve many of the same ‘problems’.

Abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent living human being. It really is just that simple. And just that wrong.

Respond to What’s Really At Issue

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