By CJ Williams

Activists get used to the extraordinary. As Social Media Director, I try to join the Campus Life Team as often as possible. When I don’t, they don’t tell me anything. And I don’t get to see it.

They take it for granted…

Lives saved. Tear-jerking encounters with post-abortive women. Even side-splittingly bizarre run-ins with students who make reincarnation a grounds for abortion (“Hey, the kid, like, will get another chance, you know? He can just come back as another baby”) and quotes from unwillingly convinced pro-abort students (“those weird people down there convinced me I’m pro-life!” choked one student, gesturing wildly back down the quad, “when I’m NOT!”).

On Thursday, I got enough material for a book.

But let me just share one gut-wrenching encounter.

“If they had told me what it was, I never would have chosen this,” said a middle-aged woman. She stood, hands clenched, beside a poster-sized sign of a 12 week old abortion victim, and our table displaying the fetal models of babies 12-28 weeks. “It was no choice. I didn’t know what I was doing.”

She is the mother of two dead children, victims of abortion, and two living children, adults now. Her 17 year old daughter recently confronted the same culture of death. Pregnant, a student, her friends drove her to numerous clinics. She could never bring herself to go in.

Finally, she told her mom. At her check-up, she was referred to an abortionist. Her mother, the post-abortive woman I was speaking to at OCC, was warned off, threatened, told not to intervene, it was her daughter’s choice.

“I told the abortionist, I told her, I’ll go away if you do one thing. ‘What’s that?’ The woman asked me. I said, if you tell her exactly what you’ll do in the procedure, how you tear off limb by limb, and suck the baby out in pieces, if you describe what an abortion is. Then I’ll let her make the choice.”

The abortionist was horrified. “I couldn’t do that,” she blurted, “she’d never go through with it.”

“And you call that a choice?”

The woman nodded at me, then grasped my hand. “She didn’t do it. My grandbaby is three now. She knew what abortion was – I made sure.”

We know what abortion is. When we go to campuses, high school and college, we make sure others know what it is too.

What it looks like.

What it does.

Killing is no choice. Telling a mother to choose an option that kills her child, without telling her her child will die, is no choice.

Pro-life action makes a dent in the culture of death like nothing else – outreach is successful on every occasion. When we stand up, stand out, show up, people see the truth – and abortion has only survived this long because it has been hidden: unspoken, unseen, undescribed.

Survivors is successful because as activists, we show up. We do what that brave post-abortive mom did for her daughter: we say, America, will you describe abortion, piece by piece, to our youth? This is what it looks like. Will you accept it now?

Our team is used to hearing this sort of story. They’re used to mind-blowing moments of grace, and lives saved.

This is what they do. This is what I do. We do it with your support. Until our nation sees it, and says, “No! That’s no choice.”

“I couldn’t do that [tell her how the abortion is performed],” the abortionist insisted, “She’d never go through with it.”

Exactly. Our nation will not accept it, and my peers don’t, when they know what it is.

Source: Survivors Campus Outreach

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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