I think abortion is a symptom of many problems rather than the problem in and of itself. If teenagers get abortions, we need better sex ed and accessible contraception. If people get abortions because they can’t afford a child, we need to institute better workplace protections for pregnant women, make healthcare more affordable and have a paid parental leave system. If women use abortion to escape an abuser, we need to fix the system so a rapist can’t get custody of his child. If people get gender-selective abortions, we need to combat sexism so it’s a non-issue. I think the system is broken – and merely making abortion illegal does nothing to address any of the problems or to support women. I believe it’s a trickle-down effect, where if these issues are addressed, abortion rates will drop. Just my two cents.


You are right, abortion is driven by many other problems and concerns, but none of those issues are a good enough reason to kill a prenatal child. Saying that abortion is a symptom of poor sex education is like saying rape is a symptom of poor parenting. While both statements are true, neither statement is a justification for the act of killing or raping. Abortion should be illegal for the same reason rape is illegal. Both are a violation of someone else’s body.

I agree that all of the challenges you listed need solutions, but we can’t wait on a trickle-down effect. Real human beings are dying by the tens of thousands each and every day. The real solution is to change hearts and minds about abortion by educating people about the realities of abortion. To show them what it does to our culture and what it does to our children. When people begin to grasp the concept that abortion kills an innocent living human being, then a real effort will begin to take shape to solve the problems you outlined.

Killing their prenatal children is currently the easiest solution for many mothers. To end abortion, we must work to make the idea that the use of violence against a child is no way to solve a problem.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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