Protecting Those Who Kill Children


WOAH WOAH Hold up. I’ve been a girl scout since before kindergarten. Whenever we sold girl scout cookies, most of the money was going towards FUNDING THE TRIPS THAT OUR HARD-WORKING GIRL TROOPS DESERVED. Thanks to cookie sales, we got to go to NEW YORK, AMUSEMENT PARKS, and we also donate cookies to the MARINES. Yes, maybe some of the money that goes to council is used for those purposes, but Girl Scouts is a GREAT organization, and cookie sales are important to us, and others. Don’t. Even.


I fully understand that not all of the money goes to support the killing of prenatal children, but some of it does. Every time you bite into a Girl Scout cookie, you are participating in the killing of innocent living human beings. What kind of values is that teaching our young girls? Certainly not responsibility, nor the dignity of human life, nor the importance of human rights.

I urge any pro-life organizations in the Savannah, Georgia, area to begin protesting at the original home of the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low, located on 10 East Oglethorpe Avenue. This building is a tourist attraction where a vigilant presence to spread the truth about their support of Planned Parenthood and the killing of our children in the womb would make an enormous impact.

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