I Would Love To Be An Abortionist :)


I would have a nice clinic, that would be gated even around the parking lot, so no anti-choicers would be allowed to harass the woman going in and coming out.

It would be a safe place.


It would only be a safe place for the mother who walked through your gates with a living son or daughter and will walk out not just unpregnant, but as the mother of a dead child. What about the child’s safety? What about the mother’s mental health having to live with the memory of what she has done?

I hope you do become an abortionist. I hope you cover your hands in the blood and internal organs of the prenatal children you will kill. And I hope it awakens an awareness of what abortion really means inside of your cruel heart. Because I want you to suffer the torment of your own guilt like so many men and women do because people like you convince them that abortion is just a simple medical procedure.

I do at least thank you for recognizing that you won’t be a doctor, just an abortionist. One of the worst among our species.

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