Today there is a movement among the African-American population saying Planned Parenthood wants to end their race (the fact that Planned Parenthood is saving lives in Africa is somehow irrelevant apparently) but that was also the same thing they were afraid of when the birth control pill came. Yet when the Africans came as slaves they already knew how to do abortions and did not think it was wrong until a new religion was forced upon them, Christianity.

And just like it was then the women now ask “What plans do you have for the care of me and the child?”


You, as one of the biggest cheerleaders for the killing of prenatal children, should know better than to relate any event in the history of the world to abortion. Abortion advocates like yourself flail and run around in tight circles if history is ever used by the pro-life community in an effort to draw ideological parallels.

Please do not be a hypocrite for your ’cause’. You should never invoke slavery as a reason to continue the killing of prenatal children. According to your ‘movement’, drawing on history to learn lessons is wrong and immoral.

Here are some resources for those wishing to support the black community’s push to stop the destruction of their people:

National Black Prolife Union

Black Genocide

Maafa 21

Black Pro-Life Movement

Every race, ethnicity, and gender is impacted by the killing of the prenatal members of our human family. Regardless of your race, we must stand together to end the tragedy of human abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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