Decoupling Tragedy


I got pregnant on Sept. 11, 2012 and aborted the twins at 12 weeks. I got pregnant again on June 11, 2013 and I am now 13 weeks and putting the twins (again) up for adoption now. They are my Dad or Uncles. They ‘gang raped’ me.


I know my words may not mean very much to you given the incredible amount of pain you have experienced, but I am so sorry. Our world can reach levels of cruelty and depravity that defy belief. I don’t know how old you are but I do know that regardless of your age, you are amazingly brave and heroic for carrying your children to term this time. They are just as innocent as you are and deserve their place in this world.

What made you choose life this time? I hope you will share more of your story, I know it will help others to think more deeply about abortion and what it really means.

It’s stories like yours that drive me to push for a culture of life, a culture that respects all innocent human beings as holding equal value. A culture that prizes empathy for other human beings above all else. If we reach that point, what happened to you would be unthinkable to those who violated your human rights.

We, as a human family, have lost our capacity for empathy because of legalized abortion. How can we truly empathize with others when we can’t even empathize with our own prenatal children?

I wish I could change the terrible things that have happened to you, but all I can offer is optimism and hope for your future.

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